Overall General Policy:
The Company aims to achieve and maintain a high and documented standard of quality and efficiency in all it's activities, to protect the investments of the company and its investors and to obtain sound economical results.

The Company is dedicated to achieve and maintain the highest possible level of safety and security for personnel, for the environment and for all equipment concerned.

The Company is dedicated to serve its customers in a safe, responsible and efficient manner always complying with statutory rules and regulations and the Company's own requirements.

The Company is dedicated to reach its’ goal of no pollution and no accidents, and is constantly working towards safety and environmental excellence through carefully supervising the Company’s systems, personnel and ships.

All employees and personnel involved are instructed to work under the administrative system and set of routines, instructions and procedures to achieve the specified standard of quality, safety and security.

Energy Conservation:

The Company considers energy conservation as an important issue and is dedicated to plan and carry out all operations considering all aspects of possible energy conservation. Required information and training shall be given to vessel crewmembers on energy conservation as appropriate. 

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